LACER Hollywood High School After School Music Program Students Shows MI How it’s Done!

On Friday, Feb. 16th Musicians Institute welcomed…

An impressive array of talent took to the MI Concert Hall stage for a full evening of open mic performances ranging from Rap to Pop to spoken word, marching band and more.

No question, the students rocked the socks off an enthusiastic crowd of friends, family and fellow students!

Band – Pop Song

The Hollywood High student performers are all involved in the LACER after school music program, and have been coached during the school year in rock band, choir and marching band.  Most of the teachers are Musicians Institute alumni, or current MI work-study students under the guidance of Program Director Ramiro Segovia.

Jeanine DiTomasso (LACER Development & Artistic Director) and Ramiro Segovia (Music Program Director)

Original Singer-Songwriter

The future of music is in good hands!

The LACER Afterschool Program provides free expanded learning workshops to 4,000 middle and high school students in Los Angeles while preparing students for their future.

The Musicians Foundation supports LACER as a member of the Friends of LACER Multi-Year Giving Circle (donating annually 2017- 2021), as well as having donated music DAW software in 2014, and providing funds for music scholarships to Musicians Institute in 2012 and 2018.


Please visit: and find LACERstars on Twitter and Facebook.

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