Spring 2020 Evans Drum Scholarship at Musicians Institute Winner: Lina Elina Anderberg

Lina Elina Anderberg

The Drum Program at Musicians Institute and The Musicians Foundation are pleased to announce that Lina Elina Anderberg, (who comes to MI by way of Sweden) has been named the winner of the prestigious Evans Drumhead Scholarship for spring 2020.

The multi-stylistic drummer (pop, funk/soul, hybrid) has been playing and performing for the past 7 years. When asked to share her thoughts about receiving this scholarship award, Lina stated: “This scholarship literally means everything to me, financially but it’s also an acknowledgement that all my hours in the practice rooms pay off, and I’m motivated to keep up the speed and energy!”

During her studies, she plans to focus on “my reading, learning more about rudiments, technique, and improving my theory/ear training skills”.

Lina acknowledged that she chose to study at Musicians Institute because “I’ve been wanting to be a student at MI since I started to play drums.  I have many friends that went to MI, and I’ve heard so many positive things about this school. There are many talented students here from all over the world, and I can get so much knowledge and inspiration from people here. I wanted to take a huge step in my education, and I chose MI because I feel like I can develop my musical skills the way I want to, and I also have all the opportunities to learn other instruments and programs like Ableton at MI.”

She described her future professional goals as follows: “my goal is to be on tour all over the world and have a dope drum tech!”

Everyone at MI congratulates Lina on this achievement. We look forward to seeing her reach her full potential while at MI.

Special thanks to our longtime industry partner, Evans Drumheads and The D’Addario Music Foundation for generously sponsoring this scholarship, which helps to provide talented students like Lina with the support, tools and recognition they need to launch successful and creative careers in the music industry. 

Evans has been a pioneer in drumhead design for over 50 years and is a committed supporter and advocate of music education.

To learn more about the full line of Evans Drumhead products click here.

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2020 President’s Award Vocal Scholarship at Musicians Institute Winner: Stephanie Howie

Stephanie Howie

The 2020 President’s Award Vocal Scholarship has been awarded to Musicians Institute Vocal Program student: Stephanie Howie.  She comes to MI by way of Chennai, India, having earned the prestigious award with a strong demonstration of her many years of singing and performance experience with a specialization in Soul/Neo Soul/ Rhythm & Blues genres.

Describing her reasons for coming to MI, Stephanie states: “after months of research I found that MI was the only school that could offer me exactly what I was looking for which was to work on my vocal skills and ability as well as my performance skills. I was particularly drawn towards the live performance workshops. Also, being located in the epicenter of the entertainment industry I felt like it would be an ideal stepping stone to a career in the field of music and entertainment.”

While at MI, she hopes to focus on: “improving my vocal ability and training, I hope to learn as much as I can from MI to improve my technique, work on my tone and my stage presence and also gain all the confidence I need to be a performer.”

She sees her education as an important pathway to achieving her career goals to: “first and foremost, be able to penetrate the industry using the skills that I adopt from my time at MI to become an active performer and an established recording artist in the entertainment industry. My second career goal is to combine my what I’ve learned at MI along with my past degrees in Psychology and find avenues in the field of Music Therapy.”

Stephanie shared her feelings about winning the scholarship as follows: “I consider myself extremely lucky and thankful for my mum who having raised me single handedly has always taught me that if I work hard enough towards something that I want that I’ll get what I deserve. She has been the most supportive of my decision to pursue music (it did take some convincing) and is now financially supporting this move as well. This scholarship not only helps me in my first steps at repaying her and making her proud(er) but also gives me the confidence boost I need knowing that there are others in the industry who believe in me and my talent and in turn pushing me to work even harder than before.”

Everyone at MI would like to congratulate Stephanie on winning this prestigious award.

Special thanks to MI’s longtime owner Histake Shibuya for generously sponsoring this scholarship, which helps to provide talented students like Stephanie with the support, tools and recognition they need to launch successful and creative careers in the music industry.

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2020 President’s Award Music Business Scholarship at Musicians Institute Winner: Devin Birden

Devin Birden

The 2020 President’s Award Music Business Scholarship at Musicians Institute has been awarded to newly enrolling Associate of Science in Music Business Program student: Devin Birden.  He comes to MI by way of Lancaster and Long Beach CA, earning the prestigious scholarship award after clearly articulating his vision and career goals within the music industry.

Describing his reasons for coming to MI, Devin states, “a friend of mine attends MI currently and is in the music production program. He has had nothing but positive reports about his experience. Also, the information I received at the MI Open House, and my frequent dialogue with my Admissions counselor have all been determining factors that lead me to wanting to enroll at MI.”

In giving a bit more background about his motivations to enroll at MI and to excel in the music industry, Devin stated: “in addition to being an independent Hip Hop artist and songwriter, I am a business owner myself. I run a full spectrum entertainment studio where we offer recording and production services, in addition to graphic design, photography and videography. I hope to be able to learn all the current business practices in the music industry while also learning how to navigate more efficiently all the pitfalls and road blocks that I have had to traverse throughout my career. In addition, I am interested in music supervision for film & tv, as I have landed a couple big placements in the past, I want to continue to pursue my career in that arena as well.”

Devin sees his education as an important pathway to achieving his career goals as an artist, multi-genre songwriter and multi-dimensional music industry executive: “I want to remain independent and achieve global success doing so. The more I know how to do myself the less I have to depend on anyone else’s expertise. As an executive, I’d like to operate my own entertainment company, develop artists underneath my imprint and put them in position to do great things in music as well. I also feel I have a future in music supervision in film & tv, so I want to land more placements both nationally and internationally. One of my current specific short term goals is to be a part of Disney’s The Proud Family reboot, as it is of one of my favorite childhood shows.”

He shared his feelings about winning the scholarship as follows: “this scholarship means everything to me. At this juncture in my life I am choosing to make a major change and sacrifice in order to attend MI.  This scholarship will be a tremendous help to me in pursuing my career goals in a myriad of ways and I am thankful you all saw something in me that proved deserving of it.

Everyone at MI would like to congratulate Devin on winning this prestigious award.

Special thanks to MI’s longtime owner Histake Shibuya for generously sponsoring this scholarship, which helps to provide talented students like Devin with the support, tools and recognition they need to launch successful and creative careers in the music industry.

Congratulations to our slate of Board of Directors 2020-2022!

Congratulations to our Board of Directors 2020-2022!


BOARD CHAIR 2019-2021 Hunter Scott   Head of Marketing & Publicity @TREND. Established LaFamos- a full-service PR firm in 2008. Head of Brand Development for High Q Digital,  Public speaker, panelist.

Andrea Bari, JD  Expert adviser in intellectual property rights, music publishing contracts, business law.  Researcher for the UN Special Rapporteur in Cultural Rights. Law and Business professor at Musicians Institute.  *NEW*

Andy French  SVP sales and marketing for DMI Music, and has previously held positions with the GRAMMY Foundation and A&M Records *NEW*

Anika Paris  CEO Alaya Productions; WB Composer, Songwriter, Author, Educator in Artist Development *NEW*

Steve Sherr  Independent music executive. Former music marketing executive at Disney Music, Universal Music Group, Interscope Records, MCA Records, Hollywood Records, Former Artist Management at The Artists Organization. *NEW*

Ellen Truley  Music Business Brand Strategist I Corporate Marketing I Partnership Integration I Digital Marketer I Entertainment Relations



Beth Marlis (Foundation Executive Director), Vice President at Musicians Institute, musician, educator, author, Chair Emeritus of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Kathleen Clark (Foundation Secretary), Professional Photographer. Former Director and Partner in SPOT Photo Works, and Clark | Oshin Gallery LA.  Longtime Photo Director of Los Angeles Magazine and LA Weekly

Kyle Denne, (Foundation Treasurer), Accounting Manager at Musicians Institute


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Travis Newlon (Interim Guitar Program Chair) with Brendan Cady (rt)

The Musicians Foundation is pleased to announce the Fall 2019 Joe Bonamassa Blues Guitar Scholarship has been awarded to MI Guitar Program student (Bachelor of Music in Performance): Brendan Cady.  The scholarship was awarded based on a demonstration of overall outstanding musicianship, advanced skills, and the potential for developing a unique sound on the guitar. Brendan came to Musicians Institute via Nashville, Charleston SC, and Boston with several years of experience playing and performing in multiple genres with a specialization in rock and blues.  

When asked why he chose to study at MI, Brendan shared: “I’ll be completely blunt: finances. To go to Berklee for 2 years costs as much as the entire program at MI, and it’s close to the central headquarters of a lot of the entertainment industry. The programs offered here are top notch, the work outside of school is top notch, and I’m able to really focus on learning and playing.”

As he continues his studies at MI, Brendan shared some of his motivations and educational goals: “I hope to learn a lot about the reality of the music industry and how to navigate that, and monetize my own intellectual property to make a profit from it. I hope to better my musicality, be challenged in ways I haven’t before, gain lifelong friendships, connections, business partners and relationships. I hope to become an amazing musician with amazing skill and talent, and (most of all) to learn how to express my artistic vision with no boundaries and true creative freedom.

His future goals and professional aspirations are “to be an all around talented musician with any instrument I pick up and play. I’d like to be successful at being a musician and to work in many different fields of the industry: mixing, production, studio work, live work, etc.  I want to work everyday using my talent to make art and a profit from that art, my aspiration is to have a successful career in many different facets of this industry. I want to be an artist in every sense of the word and to make a comfortable living off of that artistry.”

Everyone at MI congratulates him on winning this very prestigious award!

Special thanks to our longtime industry partner, great friend and supporter of music education, blues legend Joe Bonamassa and his non-profit Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation for generously sponsoring this scholarship, which helps to provide talented students like Brendan with the support, tools and recognition they need to launch successful and creative careers in the music industry.


Joe Bonamassa in London 2015. Credit: Marty Moffatt


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SCHOLARSHIPS CHANGES LIVES #9 – Harshit “Hashbass” Misra


Our weekly (where are they now?) quick visits with some of our past Musicians Foundation scholarship winners continues.

Harshit “Hashbass” Misra

After being named as a finalist winner of the 2013 ESP Outstanding Bass Scholarship, a “BIT Musicianship” Scholarship awardee and runner-up for a full-ride Scholarship (awarded a 50% tuition discount) at Musicians Institute,  – Harshit “Hashbass” Misra successfully completed his studies by winning the 2014 Outstanding Bass Student award at graduation!

After graduating from MI in 2014, #hashbass has been fortunate to play with acts like Candice Glover (American Idol Winner), Wayne Brady, Girl Radical and Grammy Award winner, Jackie Boyz and many more.

Here he’s profiled in a very recent interview and he’s featured in an article by Rolling Stone India

160k views on YouTube: Prabh Deep – Maya (Audio only) w/Hashbass

Hashbass lives in New Delhi India, and has become a go-to session man for the likes of Sid Sriram, Prateek Kuhad and others.   Currently, Hashbass is working with Bengaluru-based keyboardist Bharath Kumar; as part of electronica trio DCF_Shapes alongside Mumbai-based percussionist Lindsay D’mello.

Bassist Hashbass and keyboardist Bharat Kumar. Photo: Courtesy of the artists

Hashbass in hat. April 2019 festival gig

At 29, the versatile Harshit ‘Hashbass’ Misra faces a very bright future, as he travels the world – performing, doing session work, teaching bass, and making serious waves world-wide as an in-demand bass player!

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Our weekly (where are they now?) quick visits with some of our past Musicians Foundation scholarship winners continue.

After receiving the 2008 David Geffen Music Business Scholarship and Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Scholarship at Musicians Institute, Hunter Scott completed his studies and soon after became the co-founder and Head of Marketing & Publicity at the full service music PR firm LaFamos.

The highly successful company excels at press outreach, lifestyle branding and social media management; and is now celebrating its 10-year anniversary and global recognition.

A few years after helping to start LaFamos, Hunter returned to his alma mater (Musicians Institute) as a faculty member in the college’s Music Business Program. As an additional demonstration of his commitment to supporting music education, Hunter “paid it forward” by directly funding two LaFamos scholarships for MI’s Music Business students!

LaFamos also places an emphasis on education in the music industry through its one-of-a-kind internship training program, enabling students to shadow a senior publicist and receive direct training in the music PR world.

LaFamos’ social media services transformed into a separate firm, High Q Digital,  a team of specialists serves a growing array of artists and brands including non-profit organizations, restaurants and retail shops.

Hunter also participates in educational programs through speaking engagements at panels and seminars produced by SESAC, ASCAP, SAG/AFTRA, Goldman Sachs, SXSW, Folk Alliance, CD Baby and Americana Conference among others.

Recently, Hunter further demonstrated his support of music education, serving as the incoming Chairman of the Board for The Musicians Foundation for 2019-2021.

Hunter lives in Los Angeles, travels the world and continues to keep his finger on the pulse, expanding his influence and success in shaping the future of the music industry.

Hunter Scott



Our weekly (where are they now?) quick visits with some of our past Musicians Foundation scholarship winners continue.

Henry McDaniel IV

Almost immediately after being chosen as the winner of the 2012 Stanley Clarke Scholarship at Musicians Institute, talented drummer Henry McDaniel IV was invited to go on tour with music legends Stanley Clarke and George Duke as a member of the Clarke/Duke Band.

With George Duke and Stanley Clarke in Tokyo

Before concluding his tenure with Clarke/Duke, Henry received the call to play for major hip hop recording artist, Big Sean.  His impressive work with Big Sean includes performances on SNL, at SXSW and the huge 2016 tour (along with The Weeknd and Travi$ Scott) featuring Rihanna for the Anti World Tour and many more.

With Big Sean

In 2019, Henry started a new music duo with his wife called The Static Quo. He currently endorses Roland, Remo, Vic Firth, and Meinl Cymbals.

Henry McDaniel IV

Henry also started his own successful clothing company Mac Bear Apparel:

Henry currently lives, plays drums and thrives in Chicago, Illinois.

Competing in 2012 for Stanley Clarke Scholarship

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Our weekly (where are they now?) quick visits with some of our past Musicians Foundation scholarship winners continue.

Winner of the prestigious 2015 Stanley Clarke Scholarship (and top 5 finalist in 2014) at Musicians Institute: Jihye Byun, went on to receive her Master’s Degree in jazz performance at William Paterson University in 2018 and has recently released her first album “Mai a Mi” featuring several original pieces:

Originally from South Korea, Jihye graduated from Musicians Institute in 2016 with a Bachelor of Music in Performance (Keyboard) degree and is currently performing a full schedule of steady jazz gigs in in South Korea. Jihye is a highly accomplished pianist, budding composer and a young talent to watch in the years ahead!

An original composition by Jihye (“Toy Store”):

With Stanley Clarke at Musicians Institute Concert Hall

In the studio


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