Mandabya Kumar Sarma

Musicians Institute and The Musicians Foundation are pleased to announce that Mandabya Kumar Sarma is the recipient of the Fall 2022 Melodic Soloing Guitar Scholarship.

Originally a native of Guwahati, India, Mandabya comes to MI’s Guitar Program comes to MI with 9 years of playing experience and in possession of solid melodic soloing skills in a variety of genres and a specialization in Rock.

During his studies at MI, he will focus on “Apart from gaining great guitar skills, I hope to learn the real essence of being a musician such as playing with a band and being a team player. MI is also a great place to connect to like-minded people and have great Jam sessions or form bands.”

When asked why he chose to study at MI, Mandabya added “MI has something that the other music schools don’t, which is learning and performing all types of genres. I believe it’s important to be able to play all genres comfortably to be a well-rounded musician.  I’ve played a lot of Rock in the past and all throughout my music career. Thanks to MI, it has opened my eyes to many more awesome genres. Now I play everything from R&B to country and everything in between.”  

Asked what the winning this scholarship award means to him, Mandabya shared “This scholarship means a huge deal for me and my family. Being able to survive in Hollywood as an international student is difficult and this scholarship helps me a great deal financially to put myself through school and keep studying what I love.”

He describes his professional goals and aspirations as follows: “My dreams are cliche but they’re mostly about touring with my future band or other bands throughout the US and possibly internationally as well. I would also love to do session work for other artists, and I love to teach music as well.”

Everyone at MI congratulates Mandabya on winning this very prestigious scholarship award, and we welcome him as he begins his studies and the many great experiences ahead at MI!

Special thanks to an anonymous MI Guitar Program alumnus (GIT class of 1980) for generously sponsoring this scholarship, which helps to provide talented students like Mandabya with the support, tools and recognition they need to launch successful careers in the music industry.

To learn more about the MI Alumni Community click HERE 

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