Kritika Malhotra

Talented drummer Kritika Malhotra has been named as winner of the 2022 D’Addario Women in Drums Scholarship. Kritika comes to Musicians Institute from New Delhi, India with 8 years of playing, performing and writing experience and a specialization in progressive rock, odd meter time signatures and polyrhythms.

As a current Bachelor’s degree / Drum Program student, she decided to attend MI because “In my opinion, MI has one of the best curriculums relating to the music industry and the sheer amount of talented people present here is absolutely amazing.”

Kritika added that while at MI, “I want to learn all I can about the music industry and its various pathways, I want to grow as a drummer and as a musician, and I want to make connections with other musicians that will surely help me in the future.

She shared “I believe MI has made me work for the skies and receiving this scholarship has certainly inspired and enthused me exponentially to become a better musician.”

Kritika sees her education as an important key to achieving her dreams, adding “With all the knowledge I gain from my time at MI, I want to first be an inspired musician and impart all this knowledge to people who want to become better musicians.”

Everyone at Musicians Institute congratulates Kritika on winning this very prestigious award!

Special thanks to our longtime industry partner, The D’Addario Music Foundation for  generously sponsoring this scholarship as a part of its ongoing  Music Education for Girls Initiative, which helps to provide talented students like Kritika with the support, tools and recognition they need to launch successful and creative careers in the music industry.

To learn more about the full line of D’Addario products click here: http://www.daddario.com

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