Robert Rodriguez

The Drum Program at Musicians Institute and The Musicians Foundation are pleased to announce that talented, multi-stylistic drummer Robert Francis Rodriguez has been named as the winner of the Kyle Mathis Memorial Rock Drum Scholarship. The scholarship was created to honor the memory and talents of the MI Drum program alumnus, Kyle Mathis.

Robert comes to MI from Denver, Colorado with 20 years of playing and performance experience in Jazz, Rock, Country and several other genres. During his studies as a Drum program student at MI, Robert intends to focus on “taking everything I’ve learned over the years and enhancing it in every conceivable way. I may have a lot of experience performing but I don’t know that much about the business side. I may have a lot of experience playing but I know that the teachers at MI can show so me so much more. It’s the type of school that can really help me work on my weaknesses while enhancing my strengths both musically and mentally.”   

Upon receiving his scholarship award, Robert acknowledged that he chose to study at MI because “it’s a phenomenal school, all of the teachers genuinely care about the students and every musician I’ve known that came out of MI has been highly successful. It’s a school that knows how build on your strengths and get you better every quarter.”

When asked what winning the scholarship means to him, Robert shared “it means everything, I’m a husband and father who is working three jobs. It’s genuinely hard to pay for school out of pocket the way that I do. The scholarships at MI legitimately made it possible for me to afford the program and that really means the world to me because it’s a life changing school.” 

He describes his future professional goals and aspirations as follows: “My goals are very much set in studio work/live performances. I really look up to guys like Rich Redmond whom make their living not only passing along knowledge but writing great albums and rocking out packed stadiums. My goal is to become proficient in performing, studio work, production and to have an understanding of the business in a way that would help me do music for a living. I know this program is a great stepping stone towards that dream.”

Everyone at MI congratulates Robert on the achievement of this award. We look forward to seeing him reach his full potential as he continues his studies at MI.

Special thanks to the family and friends of Kyle Mathis for generously sponsoring this scholarship, which helps to provide talented students like Robert with the support, tools and recognition they need to launch successful and creative careers in the music industry.

Kyle Mathis

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