2021 President’s Award Bachelor of Music in Performance Scholarship at Musicians Institute Winner: Ben Tran

Ben Tran

The 2021 President’s Award Bachelor of Music in Performance Scholarship has been awarded to Musicians Institute Bachelor of Music student, Ben Tran.  The talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist earned the prestigious scholarship award with a strong demonstration of his musical skills and specialization in performing Pop ballads.

Describing his reasons for coming to MI, Ben states, “I chose to study at MI because I really love music, and I have been interested in this school for many years. I’m surrounded by successful musicians, including my parents and my whole family. I love to be connected with other musicians and share it with the world. While at MI, I hope to learn how to make a living from being a musician and how to work with other talented musicians.”  

He added, “This scholarship means a lot to me. My family doesn’t have a lot, they have sacrificed everything for me to chase my dreams of being a successful musician.”

He sees his education as an important pathway to achieving his career goals of being able to “follow in my mother’s footsteps. My mother is a famous global Vietnamese singer, and she travels a lot. I want to perform at big concerts and stadiums, join a pop band and collaborate with other amazing musicians that are successful.”

Everyone at MI would like to congratulate Ben on winning this prestigious award.

Special thanks to MI’s longtime owner Histake Shibuya for generously sponsoring this scholarship, which helps to provide talented students like Ben with the support, tools and recognition they need to launch successful and creative careers in the music industry.

The Musicians Foundation

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