Brandt Jewell (l.) with Michael Phifer- Director of Guitar Craft Academy (GCA) Nashville

The winner of the fall 2019 Seymour Duncan Guitar Craft Academy Scholarship is Brandt Jewell.  We welcome Brandt as an incoming student at our GCA Nashville Campus!

The Franklin, Tennessee native explains that he decided to study at Musicians Institute’s Guitar Craft Academy  because “it seemed like a perfect fit for me. There aren’t many schools that teach you how to build guitars and there wasn’t anyone that could offer guidance on how to get into this industry in high school or college. When I saw MI’s booth at Summer NAMM 2 years ago and that they would be starting a school in Nashville, it was a dream come true. Finally I had an avenue to develop my passion. With MI’s reputation and name, they have respected industry professionals giving you a hands-on education. It was a no-brainer.

During his studies at Musicians Institute, Brandt intends to “learn anything and everything, and be properly taught by industry professionals at MI! Drafting, finishing, working a CNC machine. I want to learn how to cut and file a nut with the proper technique and how to make/wind my own pickups. I want to take in as much of it as I possibly can!”

His future goals and aspirations are “to one day start my own business/brand. But first, I think I’d like to gain some experience and networking by going out on the road and tech for an artist or band. I always dreamed about what it must be like to be The Edge’s guitar tech, Dallas Schoo, and how challenging/ fun it must be to manage that array of gear. Then I’d like to work for a respected brand and learn how a good guitar business runs. Hopefully that will give me the experience I need to start “Jewell” guitars in the future!”

He also adds “not long after I started playing, and again partly because of The Edge I became interested in building and repairing instruments. I wanted to dissect how he got those amazing guitar tones, so I learned all about effects/guitar pedals, why single coil pickups sounded different from hum-buckers and why different woods were used for different guitars.  I also built my own parts-casters.  The Seymour Duncan Guitar Craft Scholarship means so much to me. To be chosen for this scholarship that bears the name of one of the most respected brands in the industry is such a humbling honor. It gives me the opportunity to turn my passion into a career. I have the drive and determination, but not the financial backing so this is a massive aid to helping me achieve my goals. It means so much to me and I cannot wait to get started this fall!”

Everyone at MI congratulates Brandt on this achievement, which marks a great beginning to his studies. We look forward to seeing him reach his full potential while at MI.

Special thanks to our very special industry partner, Seymour Duncan for generously sponsoring this scholarship, which helps to provide talented students like Brandt with the support, tools and recognition they need to launch successful and creative careers in the music industry.  The scholarship was created thru the generous support of Seymour Duncan Pickups and Pedals to honor innovative guitar legend Seymour Duncan.

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