Stanley Clarke Scholarship Finals Event Video

Please enjoy!

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Congrats to all five winners of the 15th Annual Stanley Clarke Scholarship Finals Concert, @Live House Hollywood, Feb. 23, 2019! $24,000 in scholarships was awarded to five very talented Musicians Institute students.

Original source audio compromised, could not be improved.

Judges perform four songs
Finalists perform starting at: 40:25
Winners Announced: 1.51.:30
Grand Finale starting at 2:00:00

*Co-Winners: Roman Collins, SirDwight Tashibish
*Co-Runners-up: Pedro Asfora, Chase Carpenter, Jahkari Dunham

*Performers and Judges: Natasha Agrama, Bunny Brunel, David Campbell, Oskar Cartaya, Stanley Clarke, Stewart Copeland, Sheila E., Pauline Frechette, Frank Gambale, Richie Garcia, Aleena Gibson, Salar Nadar, Jimmy Paxson, Greg Phillinganes, Armand Sabal-Lecco, Tierney Sutton, Arturo Webb.

*Producer: Beth Marlis (VP, Musicians Institute, Ex. Director The Musicians Foundation)

Note: Some speeches, intros, award presentation, several video clips of past winners and the commemorative slideshow from the event were removed for efficiency of this final video.

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