Today, over 100 LA area high school and middle school students were treated to a very informative and highly entertaining class:  Introduction to Today’s DJ Techniques taught by Musicians Institute’s own DJ Charlie Sputnik at The Grammy Museum.  

World class DJ and master instructor DJ Sputnik (Charles Chemery) is also the Program Chair for MI’s Certificate in DJ Performance and Production and Independent Artist Program and is the resident expert for MI’s online Intro to DJing course.


The Grammy Museum class covered “old school” vinyl DJ techniques, and an in-depth demonstration of creative computer-based DJ techniques using the software Serato.

The Musicians Foundation and Musicians Institute have collaborated for 8 consecutive years of sponsorship and special programming for LAUSD High School music classes at The Grammy Museum.  The classes span contemporary music styles, sampling, beatmaking, film composing, music technology, music business, songwriting, music video creation, Foley techniques and rhythm workshops.  

We are proud to have shared the expertise, diverse knowledge and incredible talents of MI’s faculty with nearly 8,000 high school and middle school students from the greater LA area thru our outreach class program at The Grammy Museum!


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