Xiong Shi Yue with Vocal Program Chair Debra Byrd

Xiong Shi Yue with Vocal Program Chair Debra Byrd

The Vocal Program at Musicians Institute is pleased to announce Xiong Shi Yue (aka “Alex”) as the winner of the W. Crane Guy Memorial Vocal Scholarship for spring 2016.  In winning this prestigious award, the Guangdong GuangZhou, China native demonstrated overall outstanding musicianship, strong vocal skills and the potential for developing her own unique voice.  She describes her musical interest as being in the “Blues, Funk, American Pop, and Fusion genres.”

Asked why she chose to study in the Vocal Program at MI,  Alex states “I want to learn how to be a professional musician, and producer.  Because I think MI’s education is more about bands and working in a group situation, it can help me to be a musician and not just a singer!

She adds “My dream, goals and aspirations are to be involved and possibly honored with a Grammy.”

Everyone at MI congratulates Alex on winning this prestigious award that honors the memory and multiple talents of Musicians Institute alumnus W. Crane Guy (class of 2010); and supports the education of a talented vocal student.

Special heartfelt thanks to the family of W. Crane Guy for generously sponsoring this scholarship, which will help to provide students like Alex with the support, tools and recognition they need to launch successful and creative careers in the music industry.

W. Crane Guy

W. Crane Guy



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