Gabrielle McClain, with Stacy Turner (Music Business Program Chair)

Gabrielle McClain, with Stacy Turner (Music Business Program Chair)

The first-ever Kevin Lyman Music Business Scholarship has been awarded to MI Music Business Program student: Gabrielle McClain. The Wisconsin native earned the award by clearly articulating her professional goals and demonstrating outstanding dedication to achieving a position in the music industry. In her essay submission, she also shared the influence that The Warped Tour has had on her decision to pursue a career in the music industry.    

Describing her reasons for coming to MI, Gabrielle states, “what drew me to this school is that it has very hands-on learning.  Direct experience is a huge part of learning how to do something well and I believe MI allows me to do this.”  She adds, “At MI, I can just sense that I’ll be surrounded by people that are just as passionate about music as me. It’s really exciting to finally be able to feel that. Back home (in my small town) a lot of people are interested in music, but not quite like they are here. I can just feel a buzz of excitement just thinking about all the like-minded people that I’ll get to meet during my time at MI.”

While at MI, Gabrielle will focus on learning “not only how the industry works, but about myself. MI offers a lot of different classes that will help me understand how the music business works from the inside out and that is very important to me. For anything to be great I believe there has to be a foundation to build off of and I can finally start building that foundation at MI.”

She sees her education as the key to achieving her career goals of  “along with working in the business of touring, I want hope to help bands that are “hometown heroes” move forward with their music and in the community as well. I find that a band that gives back to the community not only builds a fanbase, but becomes more accessible to others who are not necessarily fans. I believe I could help artists get past their speed-bumps and move forward while helping them gain respect.”

Everyone at MI welcomes Gabrielle to the Music Business Program at MI, and congratulates her on winning this very prestigious award!

Special thanks to our industry partner, Kevin Lyman for generously sponsoring this scholarship, which helps to provide talented students like Gabrielle with the support, tools and recognition they need to launch successful and creative careers in the music industry.

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