In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we’re featuring the achievements, exploits and adventures of our illustrious Board of Directors across the music industry.

For the third in our ongoing series of weekly snapshots, we catch up with board member James Leach Vice President, Writer/Publisher Relations and West Coast Operations for SESAC (the nation’s fastest growing performing rights organization).

Pictured (l-r): Trevor Gale (SVP) of SESAC, SESAC writers Paul Schaffer and Nate "Danja" Hills, 
James Leach (VP) and Dennis Lord (EVP) of SESAC.

Trevor Gale (SVP) of SESAC, SESAC writers Paul Schaffer & Nate “Danja” Hills, 
James Leach (VP), Dennis Lord (EVP) of SESAC.

Prior to joining SESAC in 2001, James began his music career at Famous Music Publishing, and then later moved on to become Director of Creative Affairs for Michael Jackson’s ATV Music Group. This is where he worked with distinguished song catalogs of the Beatles, Sly & the Family Stone, Little Richard, John Lee Hooker, and Michael Jackson. Upon leaving ATV Music in 1994, Mr. Leach formed Leach Entertainment Enterprises where he consulted for several indie labels and placed music recording projects in various film/television projects. He has also worked as music supervisor at Fox Television.

With Harvey Mason

With Harvey Mason

Here’s a great interview with James, where he discusses his insights and many years in the industry. He also shares a bit about the current work he does with major industry talents (writers and publishers) and the great services/opportunities provided by SESAC.

In addition to his SESAC gig, and serving on our board; James is also a Governor for the LA Chapter of The Recording Academy (The Grammy’s™). In this video clip, he’s featured talking about why Academy membership is valuable.

Thank you James for sharing your tremendous expertise and knowledge of music publishing, songwriters and their needs in our ever-changing industry; and your dedication in support of music education by serving on the board of The Musicians Foundation!


James Leach


MF LOGO LARGE We’re extremely proud of our board, and their dedication in support of music education!

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