FREE, in-depth Hollywood Community EMERGENCY and DISASTER RESPONSE Training Course from LAFD


Are YOU ready?!?

Be prepared when emergency hits, for yourself and for our community!

 You are cordially invited to a free community EMERGENCY and DISASTER RESPONSE Training course.

The LA Fire Department Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program is an all-risk, all-hazard training. This valuable course is designed to help you protect yourself, your family, your neighbors and your neighborhood in many emergency situations.

All members of the Hollywood community, businesses, residents, students and stakeholders are encouraged to participate in this EMERGENCY DISASTER training course, which is free of charge.

(CERT) Community Emergency Response Team Training

  • Every Tuesday Evening, for seven consecutive weeks

  • Beginning March 4th – April 15th   from  7-9:30pm  

  • Musicians Institute Concert Hall   

     1655 N. McCadden Place, Hollywood (corner of Hawthorn).  Street & nearby paid parking is available.

    Local Parking Map for MI


What to expect:             

Class 1 – Earthquake Awareness

Class 2 – Disaster Fire Suppression Techniques      

Class 3 – Disaster Medical Operations (Session 1)                                            

Class 4 – Disaster Medical Operations (Session 2)                                            

Class 5 – Light Search and Rescue Operations

Class 6 – Team Organization and Disaster Psychology

Class 7 – Terrorism and Homeland Defense


REGISTRATION:    RSVP required to Michael Phifer at before the deadline date of 02/21/2014.  Registrants should make a full commitment to participate in ALL class sessions throughout the entire program length.

Community Emergency Response Team Unit, LAFD Disaster Preparedness Section

For more information about the “CERT” program please visit:


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