Mitch Faber Memorial Guitar Scholarship Winner: Nick Blankenship

Stig Mathisen (Guitar Program Chair) with Nick Blankenship

Stig Mathisen (Guitar Program Chair) with Nick Blankenship

The third annual Mitch Faber Memorial Guitar Scholarship, created to honor the memory, talent and artistic career of GIT grad Mitch Faber (class of 1981), has been awarded to Nick Blankenship.  Nick hails from Modesto, California and is entering the Associate of Arts in Performance (Guitar) program at Musicians Institute having demonstrated outstanding musicianship and the potential for developing a unique voice in the blues style.

While attending Musicians Institute, Nick will focus on “how to become the best player, live musician, studio musician, music teacher and student I can be.  To develop a great ear, a great sense of harmony, study the way music works in depth, and be able to play just about everything in a professional and unique way. I want to learn to be a professional guitarist that can have wisdom to know what to play and when to play it at the appropriate time”.

Nick states: “I have a real passion for playing and studying Jazz music and Fusion music, and I want to explore composition and improvisation more.  I am very open to all styles of music, and have played just about everything from Classical to Gospel; I also love Bluegrass, Funk, R&B, Latin, Soul, Blues and everything in between.” 

He chose to study at MI because “I want to immerse myself in an environment which includes the greatest teachers who love to share their knowledge and wisdom, while being around other students that I can learn from and be inspired by, in the heart of a city where the music business is flourishing and full of opportunity. MI is a school where they teach you the importance of being a professional musician, knowing your instrument backwards and forwards and being open-minded towards other types of music, and learning how to market yourself, and the importance of hard work in the music industry”.

Nick adds “my dreams and goals include: composing music, working as a studio musician in LA, and playing all kinds of diverse music with the best players in town. I would also like to tour as a sideman for big-name artists. Another big dream of mine has always been to be a teacher at MI or a school like MI”.

Everyone at MI congratulates Nick on winning this prestigious award that honors both the legacy and career of a Guitar Program alumnus (Mitch Faber) and supports the education and growth of a talented, evolving, and very deserving guitarist!

Mitch Faber

Mitch Faber


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