Fall 2013 Dr. E.P. Scarlett Keyboard Scholarship at Musicians Institute Winner: Shinae Hwang


Shinae Hwang with Lisa Harriton (Keyboard Program Chair)

Shinae Hwang with Lisa Harriton (Keyboard Program Chair)

The Musicians Foundation and Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music are proud to announce that talented keyboardist and native of South Korea, Shinae Hwang has been named as winner of the fall 2013 Dr. E.P. Scarlett Keyboard Scholarship at Musicians Institute.

Shinae (who was raised playing Classical music, and now enjoys performing modern rock and modern ballads) decided to attend MI’s Keyboard program because “I believe that MI will be the ideal place for me to expand my musical caliber beyond my boundaries, to explore new possibilities, and to establish a personal network with musicians from various parts of the worldMI offers various different genres and aspects of music and I wish to experience and explore all the possibilities. I also hope to get opportunities to collaborate with various different talented musicians”.

Shinae sees her MI education as an important key to achieving her dream of one day being able to “join a professional team such as ‘Brooklyn Tabernacle choir’ as a keyboard player. Since my interest also lies in music arranging, I also wish to develop my career as a director, organizing and participating in live performances and album recordings”.

Everyone at MI welcomes Shinae to the Keyboard Program at MI, and congratulates her on winning this very prestigious award!

The scholarship is named in honor of the late Dr. Earle Parkhill Scarlett, a Canadian physician, educator, scholar, musicologist, prolific writer and former Chancellor of the University of Alberta.



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