Stanley Clarke Scholarship Winners for 2013 are Announced!

SC 2013 Scholarship with MI Image

The Musicians Foundation is exceptionally pleased to announce that in lieu of our usual live performance event for the 2013 Stanley Clarke Scholarship at Musicians Institute (postponed until Spring 2014); and because we’ve received a tremendous number of impressive scholarship application DVDs, we’ve acknowledged the TOP TEN DVD SUBMISSIONS by awarding ten winners with the following award based on musical talent, performing ability, stage presence, musicianship and charisma in any style or genre of music.  

  • A one-time $1,000 tuition discount to be applied either to your current (summer quarter, AA or Bachelor’s) tuition balance owed, or to the Fall 2013 quarter tuition for any AA or Bachelor’s performance program at MI.  

The Musicians Foundation is very pleased to acknowledge the talent, performing ability, and musicianship of the top ten winners, and we are extremely proud of the passion, musical talent and commitment of the nearly 60 MI students who submitted their impressive DVD’s for consideration this year. 

2013 Stanley Clarke Scholarship Winners

Shealeigh Atkinson

Chase Bryant

Cameron Capps

Jodon Lavender

Seneca Pettee

Kristelle Smith

Jesse Stolar-Dondero (Clayton)

Wesley Thrailkill

Taylor Rae Vencill

Will Weiner


We look forward to hosting and supporting the Stanley Clarke Scholarship at Musicians Institute in Spring 2014, see you there!


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