MF Announces Board of Directors for 2012-2014!

The Musicians Foundation is pleased to announce its Board of Directors for 2012-2014.

The Foundation has recently expanded its board, and we are extremely honored, proud and grateful to have such an extraordinary group of music industry luminaries serving as supporters and partners in our commitment to music education.

Our newest board members are highlighted with an asterisk *

Stanley Clarke

Stanley Clarke, Legendary Musician, composer, producer, philanthropist


Sheila e

Sheila E., Legendary Musician, composer, producer, philanthropist


Dan Kimpel

Dan Kimpel, Music Industry authority, author, educator, producer, musician, songwriter, consultant – (Board Chairman)


James Leach

*James Leach, Vice President, Writer/Publisher Relations SESAC


Michael Molenda

Michael Molenda, Editor in Chief | Guitar Player Magazine, musician, studio owner, producer


Casey Robison

*Casey Robison, Senior Director, Writer/Publisher Relations BMI


Alex Skolnick

*Alex Skolnick, Highly respected metal and jazz guitarist, writer


Jody Watley

*Jody Watley, Grammy winning vocalist, songwriter, producer


Paul Youngblood (lt), 3rd place winner BOSS Loop US Finals Tony Smiley, and Michael Molenda (rt)

*Paul Youngblood, Vice President Roland Corp., US


Beth Marlis

Beth Marlis, (Executive Director), Vice President at Musicians Institute, musician, educator, author

 *Edgar Carapetian, (Chief Accounting Officer), Director of Accounting at Musicians Institute

 *TBA (Foundation Secretary)


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