Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation Vocal Scholarship Winner: Sydney Howe

Sydney Howe (lt) with Vocal Program Chair Andrea Calderwood (rt)

The fall 2012 Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation Vocal Scholarship at Musicians Institute has been awarded to Sydney Howe.

The Santa Maria, California native is entering the Associate of Arts in Performance (Vocal) program at MI having clearly articulated her career goals of becoming a backup singer in a band in the required written essay for the HCCCF scholarship award.

Sydney also plays guitar and bass and “loves singing and playing country or pop music along with worship music.”  She chose to attend Musicians Institute because “I believe I can reach my full potential here.”

Sydney will receive a complete MI Vocal Program equipment package award:

  • Sennheiser e835 Microphone

  • Sennheiser HD201 Headphones

  • 20 Ft. Male to Female XLR Cable with Adapter

Everyone at MI congratulates Sydney on winning this prestigious award that supports the education and growth of talented, evolving, and very deserving vocalists!

The HCCCF Vocal Scholarships are generously sponsored by The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation, as a part of it’s sustaining commitment to support music education opportunities for youth and the growth of the Hollywood community.

To learn more about the exciting work of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the latest news click HERE

(See MI’s website for details on how to apply for this and other scholarships.)

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