“The Wrecking Crew” to be Shown at MI 1977-1994 Alumni/Staff Reunion March 23-24, 2012

Part of The Wrecking Crew: (l. to rt.) Howard Roberts Gtr, Tommy Tedesco Gtr, Al DeLory Piano, Ray Pohlman Gtr, Lyle Ritz Bass.

The Wrecking Crew is a documentary film about the infamous group of studio musicians of the same name. These musicians backed dozens of popular musicians in the studio during the 1960’s and have been considered one of the most successful groups of studio musicians in music history. As recording moved from its traditional home in New York, London and Detroit to the West Coast, these musicians answered the call and filled the demand for studio musicians on some of the most legendary recordings of the 20th century.

Musicians Institute owes much to two members of “The Wrecking Crew,” Tommy Tedesco and Howard Roberts, who were founders of the original Guitar Institute of Technology the first entity of Musicians Institute. The Wrecking Crew celebrates the history of these hard working musicians and MI is happy to host a screening of this fantastic documentary at it’s upcoming alumni reunion in March 2012.

All proceeds from the MI Alumni Reunion event will benefit The Musicians Foundation for student scholarships at MI.  

For full details and to REGISTER for the Reunion event (designed for MI alumni and staff from the years 1977-1994),



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