Musicians Institute Announces Major Gift Commitment to Establish Scholarship Endowment by Co-Founder, Pat Hicks

MI Co-Founder Pat Hicks and MF Executive Director Beth Marlis 

                 – Hollywood CA, June 13, 2011 –

A new $1.3 million scholarship endowment will be established at Musicians Institute (MI) thru a generous charitable bequest to The Musicians Foundation made by MI’s co-founder, Pat Hicks.

The Pat Hicks Founder’s Scholarship Endowment is a major gift that will eventually establish a permanent fund for MI student scholarships in all programs.

The announcement of the pledge comes as the school is poised to celebrate its 35th anniversary, and will honor the lasting legacy of the life’s work of Mr. Hicks as well as pay homage to faculty, staff and students that have all been a part of MI’s extraordinary history.

Co-Founder Supports Scholarships through current and future gifts

In order to immediately support the MI student scholarship program, Mr. Hicks will donate 10% of the proceeds of his book “Trading Fours: The Golden Years of Musicians Institute”.

“Pat’s commitment, contribution, vision and passion for music education has touched countless thousands of MI graduates (and the entire music industry itself) by providing the first ever world-class contemporary music education as a co-founder of MI”, said Beth Marlis, Vice President at MI and Executive Director of its non-profit scholarship foundation: The Musicians Foundation.

“A gift of this size is unprecedented in the history of the school, and will continue to support the education of future MI students for generations to come. We take tremendous satisfaction in knowing Pat’s dedication and leadership is being continued in a way that reflects what he worked so hard to accomplish in establishing and managing MI in its early years from 1977-1994.”

Reducing financial barriers to education 

“Scholarships are one of the most powerful tools we can offer students to support their educational and professional aspirations”, said Ms. Marlis.  “The Pat Hicks Founder’s Scholarship Endowment will provide for multiple scholarships to be awarded in each and every department at MI, and will be available for both new and continuing students in perpetuity.”

Returning the favor

“There is nothing that could have been done that would be more meaningful,” Mr. Hicks said. “I am so proud of what we have done together at MI, and to perpetuate that through the support of education for future MI students is the ultimate culmination of my life’s work.”

As a leading figure in music education, with years of prior experience in the music business, MI co-founder Pat Hicks provided the insight, entrepreneurial acumen and organizational skills that turned Howard Roberts’ educational philosophy into a functioning music school. During the years following the establishment of GIT (Guitar Program), BIT (Bass Program) and PIT (Drum Program), Pat continued to manage MI as it grew enormously in size and scope. Following MI’s move into its current McCadden Place facility in 1987, the school then added the Vocal Program 1987, Keyboard Program in 1991, and Audio Engineering Program in 1993, as well as the Bachelor’s Degree Program in 1994. Pat retired from MI in 1995.

Since that time, MI has continued its growth, having added programs in Music Business, Independent Artist, Film Music/Video, Audio Post-Production, Live Sound and Guitar Craft.

Scholarship guidelines, details and application processes will be announced in the future, as the endowment is currently held in escrow.

For information on making your own tax-deductible donation or planned gift to The Musicians Foundation please visit

Help us in our goal of creating better musicians, a stronger music community, and a better world through music scholarship support.



  1. Pat, this is incredible! We’ve all told you how much MI meant to us after graduation. To allow deserving students an opportunity to attend when financial circumstances might otherwise prevent this is the ultimate example of “paying it forward.” I hope that future scholarship students will get even half as much at MI as I did. Thank you for your spirit and generousity!

    Riley Wilson/ GIT March 1984

  2. Pat, your generousity and dedication to M.I. will leave a legacy that will never be forgotten. I will never forget the wonderful year I spent with G.I.T. in 1977-78. I am grateful and very proud to be a graduate of M.I. (G.I.T.). My wife (Colleen) and I are looking forward to seeing many of our old friends at the reunion. God bless you.

    Howard & Colleen Brown

  3. I am grateful for the treasure of your presence in my life.
    You give me opportunity to express the dream of my heart.
    Special thoughts to those who came and will come again.
    Thankyou for your willing Spirit to keep on through it all…
    May you get back a 100 fold the peace & joy you bring!

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