MI Student Scholarships: They’ll get by with a little help from their friends

MI's Main Building on McCadden Place

Remember how great it would have been to get “some help from your friends” back when you were an MI student?

Now you can make a tax deductible, online donation to The Musicians Foundation—MI’s Student Scholarship foundation!

Choose the program you wish to support on our online donation page, and get a 2011 tax deduction!

Donations start at the $10 tier. 

Donations of $1,000+ will create a NAMED scholarship, in the name of your choice. 

Remember that even a small donation ($10 & up) helps a talented, struggling MI student in these tough economic times.

To donate CLICK HERE: http://www.themusiciansfoundation.org/Donation.aspx

Our official page: www.themusiciansfoundation.org

Our blog: https://musiciansfoundation.wordpress.com/


Let’s continue to flourish as a community thru the power of music — and education — which changes hearts and lives.



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