Celebrate Stanley Clarke’s 60th @Catalina Bar & Grill ~~~~ May 12-14!

The extraordinary Stanley Clarke (longtime friend of Musicians Institute, and Musicians Foundation Board Member) will be celebrating his 60th birthday at Catalina’s with a series of  shows that are certain to feature an incredible array of world class musicians each night!

While the names haven’t been announced yet, I can say with confidence that Stanley has some very heavyweight friends (to say the least) who will be sharing the stage for these shows!

The Stanley Clarke 60th celebration runs from May 12, 13, 14 (two shows per night) at Catalina Bar & Grill, Hollywood (just 1 block from MI).

Tickets can be purchased here, ($30-$35-$40 depending on date) + a two drink minimum — which gets you in to see the show of a lifetime!


  1. After growing up listening to School Days, this was definitely on the bucket list. Thank you Stanley for an amazing experience, you are an inspiration! Happy Birthday.

  2. Anyone know Adrian “The Speedster”‘s last name. His solo Saturday night with Stanley was unbelievable.

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