MI at The Grammy Museum Presents Two Exciting Classes for January!


**Follow That Lick**

Tuesday, January 25

Instructor: KEN ROSSER

Across the generations of recording artists, across the boundaries of musical styles, across cultural and linguistic barriers, composers and performers have been borrowing from and influencing each other. What does Hip Hop owe to the 1930’s “Wizard of Waukesha”– Les Paul? Follow that lick through popular music history and find out!

**Sampling Across Genres: Introducing Young Musicians to Sample Based Music Production Using Logic Pro.**

Wednesday January 26


Much of today’s popular music uses sampling technology from a variety of musical genres. Classic early examples include: The Winstons, Queen, David Bowie and the Mellotron. Fastforward to 2011 students will be introduced to current artists who are modern pioneers in sampling technology, including Kanye West, Daft Punk, Dr Dre.

Students will be shown how music from the 60’s or 70’s from an audio recording (CD) can be imported into Logic software, edited, synced and then used in a brand new song. During the workshop, students will be invited up to the stage to Beat Box or sing into the computer. The recorded student performance is then sliced up and looped into a rhythm track, custom drum kit or melodic sampler instrument playable from the MIDI keyboard.

These MI at The Grammy Museum educational programs are offered for grades 9-12, and run 1 hour from 10-11am.

To book a program for your school, please email education@grammymuseum.org

For 2010-2011, Musicians Institute is the exclusive music college partner of The Grammy Museum Education Program

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